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Pantera Capital: Bitcoin price above $60,000 in 2019

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Pantera Capital, one of the first investment companies to focus exclusively on the crypto currency and blockchain sector, has forecast a significant return in a recent 5-year anniversary announcement.

The fifth anniversary celebration of Pantera Capital announced on July 27 via Medium provides a review of the company’s history and the Bitcoin market.

Bitcoin similar to Ethereum code

Pantera Capital, founded in 2013, has remained bullish about Ethereum code ever since, with Dan Morehead and Joey Krug comparing Bitcoin to early Microsoft shares in a 2013 statement highlighted in the media release:

… In my opinion it’s like deciding whether to buy Microsoft back for $0.20 per share a day. It was difficult to do this because the stock was already at $0.10. Over time…. clearly a great trade. I think Bitcoin is just like that now.”

The Pantera Capital Fund has supported some of the most successful crypto projects and invested in projects like 0x, Abra, Augur, OmiseGO and Ripple.

Onlinebetrug: Bitcoin to reach $67,500 in May 2019

Pantera Capital’s Anniversary Announcement and Lifetime Return Reports may be a compelling example of the benefits of crypto investments to date. The market forecasts outlined by the company show a very bullish attitude towards Bitcoin’s future.

Bitcoin reaches $67,500 in 2019 CLICK TO TWETE
The crypto firm forecasts a price of $21,000 per Bitcoin by the end of 2018 and a dramatic increase to $67,500 by the end of 2019. Pantera Capital’s price forecasts are in line with earlier estimates by CEO Dan Morehead, who earlier this year stated that the introduction of custody solutions for institutional investors will trigger a rapid rise in the Bitcoin price.

By supporting projects aimed at solving some of the key problems within the blockchain ecosystem, Pantera Capital appears to have a positive, long-term view of the future of Bitcoin and crypto currency in general:

I think the probability is a little over 50 percent that the world will introduce a global currency/payment system where free cryptography replaces the very costly “trust” of banks/VISA-MasterCard/Western Union/PayPal/etc. Bitcoin dominates cash, electronic paper money, gold, bearer bonds, large stone plates, etc. It [Bitcoin] can do all the things any of them can do.

27. November 2018